Sunday, October 13, 2013


Today was ok. I wouldnt call it an AWESOME day it was just ok. Soo when i woke up i watch a little tv. At noon my step sister and I went to the woods by our house, my dad said to be home by 1pm. When we were at the woods, well we have a secret trail and wats cool there is a huge hill u are on and at the end of the trail there is kind of steps made out, so it is easy to go down. but there was people staring and saying a whole bunch of sh*t i was saying in my mind stfu get a life. hehe. Now comes the boo part. So now my dad wants me and my step sister to pic up these apple looking things (btw there were NOT apples) in the yard for him to moe the lawn (isnt that a boys job??) there were like a million of them i swear. then i ran in the house to get a drink and i walk back out and he said just go inside i dont need ur help im like ok! yea soo that was my day.

                                    Bye Bye Kitty Cats!

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